Branding + corporate

identity that speaks to you.

What’s your identity? Branding collateral creates visual pathways for your target audience to connect with your business. At Design LBS, we guide you through a collaborative creative process to define your brand, then we activate that through the design of logos and corporate identity pieces.


Logo Design

Your logo is more than a stamp. It’s a window into who you are and what you stand for. A logo makes a statement about your culture, style and purpose. It also allows for consistency in the way you visually represent yourself. Your audience should see your logo and associate it with your name and the experience of working with you. Our logo design process begins with open conversation, lots of listening and concepting. Then we narrow down logo options to a final few that suit your brand. You’ll fall in love with the logo that represents you. In the end, the logo becomes you.


Corporate Identity

Design LBS offers a complete package of company branding materials beyond logo design. That includes creating business cards, email signatures, websites, email campaigns and invitations. We design and produce white paper reports, annual reports and marketing materials to promote your business or specific events. In fact, we can manage an interactive event-marketing campaign.

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How Can We Help You?

We’re interested in hearing more about your next event and marketing needs. Share your ideas with us, and let Design LBS manage the design and execution. Contact us any time at 216.406.1854, or email lori[at]